Where is the weekend held?
The weekend is held in your local church building. A few churches who do not have buildings or have too many youth to fit in their buildings rent a camp near by to host the event.

What do you do at the weekend?
The weekend is for fun, spiritual formation. There are talks given by the senior highs, worship services, games and free time, disciple groups, and lots of fun music, videos and skits.

How much does it cost?
The fee for consultation, the manual, the right to hold the weekend and all help from our staff is $200. The fee is per year till the fourth year and then we move every church to $50.  Discounts are available for any church who does not think they can handle this fee. Also, mission sites are less expense.

What’s included in the manual?
The manual includes everything you need to successfully host the weekend: planning timelines, weekend schedules, team job descriptions, talk outlines, worship service flows, skit ideas, sample forms, etc.  You can make as many copies of the manual as needed for your team.

How many youth do you have to have to attend?
We have found the weekend works great with as little as 12 youth in 6th-12th grade. Of course, as many students who attend your church are invited.  We’ve seen churches hold weekends with 300+ youth.

How long does the planning time take?
The weekend planning including the training, the senior high trainings and the full team meeting usually takes three to five months. The training is the best part for many of the senior highs because it teaches them so many things about their faith.

How many leaders does it take?
Discovery will bring your whole church in the weekend. Parents, Sunday school classes, staff and the whole church will be invited in some way to help and support the youth through the weekend. This is what makes the weekend so fun and special for the youth.  It’s about the whole church wrapping their arms around the youth. We usually have about two adults for each youth at the actual weekend.

Can we change the weekend any to fit our needs?
Of course. We want your youth to learn to create worship, give talks, study the Bible and learn to build ministry around their needs. Please let us know the changes you make or need to make and we will share with you what we have learned from other churches and we will learn from you as well.

Where do the youth stay at night?
The weekend is designed for the mid-highs to stay at the church with adults and senior highs go to their own homes or host homes.  Some churches host their senior high at the church.

Where do they get showers?
The mid-highs either shower at a YMCA type facitilty in your area or they go to church members homes who live near your church. Senior highs will shower at their overnight location.

Can members of other churches attend?
Yes, visitors who do not attend church are always welcomed. Some mid-highs will need a friend to attend with them. We do not encourage you to invite groups from other churches though- this spoils the impact of the power of the local church reaching out to their own youth. Also, we have found most problems with teenage behavior occurs when you mix groups.

Do you have to attend an Emmaus before you can lead the weekend?