What is Discovery?

Discovery is a cross between a Vacation Bible School and a camp experience, where church members participate to bring the youth close to God while maintaining a camp-like feel where the youth can feel and know God’s presence. All size churches have loved the weekend. We have held the weekend in a youth group of 10 youth in 6th-12th grade all the way up to 300+ youth. The event is for your local church. God is really blessing the local churches who reach out and try this total church youth event.

Discovery has created four weekends to be held over a three or four year cycle. This allows the mid-highs to attend a different weekend during their middle school years.

  • Discover God’s Love through the Church
  • Discover God’s Love through Scripture
  • Discover God’s Gifts: Prayer, Baptism and Holy Communion
  • Discovery: Celebrate Life

The weekend is filled with skits, music, worship, talks about faith and God, the power and love of the church, free time and lots of silly and serious activities. These are all done to show mid-highs God’s love and joy through the church. The church is viewed both locally and internationally so the youth will know all Christians are working together to build God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Senior highs are trained to lead the weekend by learning the Biblical stories and principles of each talk, sharing their faith, leading and developing Disciple groups, worship, music, skits and mentoring mid-highs. The senior highs learn how to reach out and love and care for others.

Leaders of the weekend do not need any other camp experience to be leaders at Discovery. This allows all youth and adults of the church to become strong leaders in youth ministry. Even the mid-highs are invited to team meetings to help plan the weekend.

The weekend is co-ed for 6th -12th graders. If your church does not have 6th graders in youth then the 7th and 8th graders would attend. The youth spend the night at the church or go home at night. Each church can tailor the weekend to make it fit their needs.