Discovery Weekend


What is Discovery Weekend?
Discovery Weekend is a spiritual formation retreat for middle school youth in the local church. Discovery invites the entire church family to live out the baptismal promise to create a community of love and forgiveness. In this environment, middle school youth can be encouraged to strengthen their faith with foundational Christian teachings and experiences.
Who is Discovery Weekend for?
Discovery Weekend is for the entire church family. Middle school youth, no matter where they are on their faith journey, are invited to attend. High school youth give Talks and lead small groups and worship. Parent share gifts of love, presence, and prayer. Youth leaders provide overall leadership, direction, and supervision of the weekend. Church members serve on the Discovery team. Sunday school classes and small groups provide prayer support, meals, and snacks. Clergy help with teaching and provide spiritual guidance.
Take a look inside a Discovery Weekend Manual with this Sampler.  Including:
  • Why Discovery Weekend?
  • Table of Contents of the full Manual
  • A Glimpse of the Schedule
  • Notes to the Youth Pastor/Director
  • Job Description Samples
  • Overview of the Talks
  • Talk Guide for the GOD LOVES YOU Talk (Talk given by a youth)
  • Disciple Group Leader Guide for the GOD LOVES YOU session